Android Application Development

This training enables learners to successfully apply core Java programming languages features & software patterns needed to develop maintainable mobile apps comprised of core Android components, as well as fundamental Java I/O & persistence mechanisms. It’s an ever-growing market, and therefore the demand for an Android app developer is high. Professionals and students can take this course. Our step-by-step training is going to be based on 100% practical training.

Who can enroll?

Anyone who wants to start his professional career as an Android developer and needs to present his innovative ideas for developing a unique application can take this training.

Why TechnoTrainings?

TechnoTrainings is a project of TechnoSofts Software Development House, offers both theoretical and hands-on training in our courses because we promote experimental learning which leads to strong knowledge and skills enhancement unlike only theoretical. At the end of the training course our parent company, TechnoSofts offers internship and job opportunities for deserving candidates.

What do you learn in this training?

  • Android studio
  • XML(UI/UX)
  • Java/Kotlin
  • SQLite/Firebase
  • Android App Components
  • Engineering Maintainable Android Apps
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